Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acting, Voice, Gymnastics

Class Descriptions

~ First Step Broadway / Ages 18 months thru 3 years ~
The best performers know how to play! Learn through movement, music, artistic expression, circle games and story time. A drop off class designed to be more than a simple nursery program, children will learn using their Five Senses to help develop their budding artistic talent in preparation for life's upcoming "stages" like preschool or their first Broadway play! Reserve your spot online or at the studio today.

~ Creative Movement / Ages 2 & 3 ~
Exploring movement, rhythm, and creativity through exercises created to build expressive minds and motor skills while instilling a love for dance.

~ Ballet / Ages 3 & up ~
Ballet instills grace, coordination, poise, and confidence while requiring much discipline and focus. We offer pre-ballet to advanced to bring the dancer through a progression of terminology, technique, and artistry.

~ Tap / Ages 4 & up ~
Developed in the United States of America; tap is a musical and rhythmic study of sounds and movements together. Become a musician with your feet in our fun and energetic classes for all levels. Broadway & Rhythm techniques taught.

~ Jazz / Ages 8 & up ~
Jazz uses ballet technique for its base therefore we strongly recommend studying these techniques simultaneously.  Jazz dance has continued to evolve with various ethnic and cultural influences since it's origin. We will introduce several styles ranging from blues to pop for dancers of all abilities.

~ Musical Theatre / Ages 5 & up ~
The well-rounded performer. Musical theatre incorporates elements of dance, acting, and voice. Learn what it takes to make it on Broadway while exploring your entire creative self.

~ Hip-Hop / Ages 4 & up ~
Classes include fresh, innovative choreography influenced by the latest street dance trends. Exciting class for for all levels.

~ Acting / Ages 6 & up ~
Upstage, downstage, "line please."  Learning the how to's of the theatre plus acting games, improvisation, audition prep and playwriting will be sure to inspire any young thespian.

~ Voice / Ages 6 & up ~
This group class will help develop the basics of singing including breathing, articulation, and expression.  Choosing songs for auditions and learning some fundamentals of music will also be part of our fun together.  

~ Next Step Triple Threats / Ages 7 & up ~
Next Step Broadway has created a performance group so that aspiring students at our studio have a path to follow to fulfill their dreams. Young dancers and performers need opportunities to experience different disciplines so they can hone their skills. Our performance students will have the opportunity of unlimited classes and will be required to take the performance class. This class will work at an accelerated rate on technique and choreography. Students wanting to be in the group need to be willing to work hard and focus. They must take ballet, voice or acting, and the performance class. They are encouraged to take other techniques as well.

~ Gymnastics/ Ages 3 & up ~
This class supports the dancer by building strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance. It concentrates on the basics of tumbling - forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, headstands, handstands, front dive rolls, back bends, and splits.
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